श्रेया उपाध्याय बॉयोडाटा


Name - Shreya Upadhyay       

  DOB- 5 Dec,1992 ,        

  Place of birth -Ujjain (MP)     

  Time of birth - 2:40 P.M.  

Hight- 5"2'

   Sikhwal Brahmin           

   Gotra - Athariya Upadhyay       

     Maternal Gotra - Manmiya Upadhyay                      Schooling- Sophia School , Kota           12 th with Science ,Maths and Biology (both) ,Selected in BDS and veterinary (both)                     

Educational Qualifications- B.Tech ( Electrical Engineering)      M.Tech (Power Systems) both honors  from UCE ,Rajasthan Technical University,Kota               Grandfather's Name- Shri.Ladu Ram Sharma                                   

Job - Retired Sr.Section Engineer ( Western Railway)            

 Grandmother's Name- Late. Smt Manohar Devi                                  

Father's Name- Mr. Ashok Upadhyay     

  Job-Chief Office Supritendent (COS) DRM Office ,Kota ( W.C.Rly)                                          

Mother's Name-Smt.Shashi Upadhyay  , B.A , 

Perfect Homemaker                             

Ashok Upadhyay having two brothers                                           

 Contact No - 9413002277 , 9511559068 ( WhatsApp) ,

 Landline No. - 07442465207      

   Email - [email protected]